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We are


We are

Everyday People


We are the everyday people at the heart of the IC—a multi-agency community working on behalf of our fellow Americans.


We are Analysts

We are Scientists

We are Your Neighbors

We are Case Officers

We are Logistics Experts

We are Little League Coaches

We are HR Specialists

We are Artists

We are Everyday Americans

We are Linguists

We are Cartographers


We are dedicated, diverse, and passionate thinkers and doers. We are your neighbors and friends. With our varied backgrounds, we are united in the mission of keeping our nation safe.

How well do you know the IC?


Are you curious about the IC? While much of our work is classified, we regularly release information to the public. Get a glimpse into the IC with these declassified documents, useful tools, and more.

The Public’s Daily Brief

When the President needs the latest intelligence analysis, he reviews the President’s Daily Brief. When the public needs information, they can rely on the Public’s Daily Brief.

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    The President’s Daily Brief

    The President’s Daily Brief

    The President’s Daily Brief (PDB) is a daily summary of high-level, all-source information and analysis on national security issues produced for the president and key cabinet members and advisors. It is coordinated and delivered by the ODNI with contributions from the CIA as well as other IC elements. The PDB has been presented in some form to the president since 1946.

    Career Opportunities

    The U.S. Intelligence Community employs people with diverse backgrounds and skillsets who want to make a difference for their country. Learn more about what it takes to work in the IC and find opportunities that match your interests and skills.

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    We are proud of the work we do and our contribution to protecting the nation—the American people, their rights, and our collective liberty and values. Intelligence.gov provides a glimpse into the people, work, processes, and structure of the IC. Check back frequently for updates.

    The Chief of ODNI’s Office of Civil Liberties, Privacy and Transparency, Alex Joel, explains how the IC carries out its national security mission while providing transparency and ensuring the protection of privacy and civil liberties for the public. Watch the interview.