About this Site

Intelligence.gov is part of a broader effort to earn and retain public trust through transparency of Intelligence Community activities while protecting the sources and methods necessary to perform its national security mission.

This effort is grounded in the Principles of Intelligence Transparency for the IC issued in 2015. These principles call on the IC to be proactive in enhancing public understanding of the IC’s mission, how the IC accomplishes that mission, and the IC’s framework of rules, compliance, and oversight. The overall goal is to make appropriate and responsible transparency more coordinated, credible, understandable, and sustainable.

As Chief, Civil Liberties, Privacy & Transparency, Alex Joel oversees the IC's responsibility to provide and balance transparency. In the video below Alex discusses why it's important for the IC to be transparent.

The IC has established a number of channels to make information available to the public and guide our actions with regard to transparency.

  • Establishment of an Intelligence Transparency Council (formerly the Transparency Working Group). The council, made up of senior officers from across the IC, is responsible for overseeing the Transparency Implementation Plan it created and ensuring that transparency becomes a comprehensive and sustainable practice within the Intelligence Community. The group holds regular meetings as part of the on-going, IC-wide transparency effort.
  • Declassification and release of official documents. The IC has officially released thousands of pages of documents and published them on individual agencies' websites and on the IC on the Record Tumblr site.
  • ODNI Intelligence Transparency Tracker. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence maintains a transparency tracker on its public website, www.dni.gov, to help the public track declassified documents related to IC authorities.

As noted above, Intelligence.gov is another part of the overall transparency focus. Specifically, the goal of this website is to improve the general public's understanding of the IC's mission, how it operates, and the people who work in the IC. To do that, the site includes information about how the IC operates and is regulated, its history, and featured stories and videos highlighting the people of the IC and their work for our nation.