Ethical AI, Essential for the IC

The Intelligence Community publishes ethical framework for its design, development, and use of AI.

Narrowing the gap between data collection and decision making is a top priority for the Intelligence Community, but the pace at which data is generated is increasing exponentially—and the IC workforce available to analyze the data is not. Artificial intelligence provides powerful tools to execute this mission, but also brings new challenges.That makes it even more important that the IC to implement AI in a manner that is both ethical and consistent with our values.

Which is to say that AI is about much more than technology. The IC must ensure that technological changes do not change our commitment to protecting privacy and civil liberties in the course of our work.That’s why our data scientists, privacy and civil liberties officers and other key stakeholders worked together to develop the Principles of AI Ethics for the Intelligence Community as well as a framework to ensure that these principles are incorporated into our design and use of this technology.

This framework is a living document, and we're eager for your feedback on how we can continue to expand and refine it to keep pace with this rapidly evolving technology.

View the AI Principles of Ethics for the IC
View the AI Ethics Framework for the IC