NGA Tearline: The Ice Curtain - Kola Peninsula

GEOINT analysis shows steady construction and modernization activity

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NGA is partnering with expert private groups to grow public-facing, authoritative open source intelligence on various strategic and humanitarian intelligence topics that tend to be under-reported within long-form format. This authoritative open source content will be cited for internal purposes and it will grow public trust by increasing transparency around shared public-private interest in various strategic and humanitarian intelligence topics that are fit for public consumption.

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PART 1: Slow Modernization of Severomorsk-1 Air Base

GEOINT analysis shows mostly slow construction and modernization progress at Severomorsk-1 Air base -- upgrades at Severomorsk-1 Air base increases Russia's operational readiness, presence, and capabilities in the northwest Arctic region, improving domain awareness and operational capacity around the Kola Peninsula. Further upgrades would expand operational capacity towards the GIUK-N Gap. However, GEOINT analysis shows slow construction progress.

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PART 2: Expanded Maritime Facilities

New Missile Storage Facility at Okolnaya Submarine Support Base -- GEOINT analysis confirms Russian public declarations to expand the storage facilities at Okolnaya submarine support base and Gadzhiyevo submarine base.Expanded maritime assets add to Russia's "defense in depth" of the Kola peninsula while stealthier submarines enhance the regime's survivability and challenge NATO's sea lanes of communication in the North Atlantic.

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