We’re Not Bots: Bots Can’t Build Partnerships

NSA's people are crucial to building partnerships

Training the next generation of cyber talent is Emily Fox’s passion. She wears many hats, serving as NSA’s DevOps security lead, a volunteer with NSA’s K-12 STEM programs, open source contributor, and Girl Scout leader. In every role, Fox’s goal is to inform and educate the next generation of women in technology. “Being able to talk to my daughters and students alike about maintaining a secure online presence, visual coding, and what a day in the life of cybersecurity operations looks like motivates me. I want to drive change both inside and outside the NSA.” 

And she is doing just that. Fox builds innovative partnerships between government and industry and frequently collaborates with the open source community on the latest technologies. “I’ve seen industry hyperscalers become titans of their technology space, innovating and realigning their technology to meet and exceed their business goals and objectives. It’s inspiring to me. Our [NSA’s] commitment to community engagement and industry partnership continues to evolve and mature as we learn from and collaborate with each other.”


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