NGA Tearline: China's mining investments and operations in Peru and Ecuador

Case Studies Produced in Collaboration with Students from William & Mary

NGA Tearline—an open source intelligence project between the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and U.S. research institutions—closed out 2021 with a series of reports on economic and environmental activities from top U.S. threats: China, Russia, and North Korea.

Exploring China's Footprint in the Andes Mountains: Copper Mining in Ecuador and Peru

Published March 11, 2022

These Tearline articles from the College of William & Mary’s geoLab show how local resistance can sometimes delay construction and/or operation of Chinese mining projects, especially centered around environmental concerns, in South America. An interesting GEOINT finding from the Peru reports shows the Peruvian government listing one mine in the feasibility study phase when imagery shows the operational phase.

For these reports NGA Tearline collaborated with authors from the College of William & Mary: Caroline Morin, Sophie Pittaluga, Charles Pritz and Zak Zeledon.

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