Explore the "Evolution of Espionage in America"

In 2017, the National Counterintelligence and Security Center began the development of the Wall of Spies Experience, a unique museum-style exhibit housed at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence's Bethesda, Maryland facility. After two and a half years of research and analysis, NCSC completed the Wall of Spies Experience in September 2019, displaying the history of espionage and sabotage in the United States in a modern, engaging way.
The project continues with the adaption and significant expansion of the Wall of Spies as a digital exhibit for the general public. In October 2021, The Evolution of Espionage in America made its debut on Intelligence.gov, featuring an extraordinary collection of information, imagery, and artifacts which inform stories of espionage and spycraft, as well as the birth of American intelligence - and counterintelligence - during the Revolutionary War.
Evolution of Espionage Banner
The National Counterintelligence and Security Center and the ODNI's Office of Civil LIberties, Privacy, and Transparency collaborated on the creation of the new digital exhibit, to provide insight into the importance, and long history, of the Intelligence Community's counterintelligence mission, which stretches back all the way to the founding of our nation.
The Evolution of Espionage will continue to tell this story through to the present day, with new historical eras being added in the months to come.