NSA and Morgan State University Collaborate on Cyber-Secure Vehicles

Student and spies team up, using NSA-made Ghidra tool, to mitigate vehicle vulnerabilities
Through a close partnership with Morgan State University, an HBCU with a strong history of achievement as a hub of learning in the the state of Maryland, NSA has advanced its work in detecting cyber threats to vehicles.
NSA worked with students at Morgan State to use Ghidra — an NSA-created reverse-engineering tool — to help identify cyber weaknesses in cars, planes, boats and motorcycles to improve their resistance to cyber threats.
The two institutions have effectively collaborated to address vulnerabilities in our everyday lives, which increasingly rely on "Internet of Things" technology, identifying security gaps and using reverse engineering and other techniques to engineer solutions to technological security challenges.
NSA is just one agency of the larger Intelligence Community that is working with academia to help make people safer every day, tapping into innovative pockets of expertise throughout our nation whose specialized skills mitigate ever-evolving threats.