Grass for Meat: Transformation of the Sepho Tablelands

Commercial satellite imagery shows the transformation of the Sepho Tableland.

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The following report was conducted by Authors from Stimson/38 North: Peter Makowsky, Jenny Town, Michelle Kae and Samantha Pitz

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The redevelopment of the Sepho Tableland is one example of North Korea’s efforts to adapt its agricultural practices to perform better within the constraints of the land.

Commercial satellite imagery, from 2013 to the present, show the transformation of the Sepho Tableland. Prior to 2013, this area was largely undeveloped with collective farms and little villages dotting the landscape. However, while the infrastructure is largely in place, this does not mean it will generate immediate results. Further monitoring of various sources is necessary to determine what impact the Sepho Tableland will have on North Korea’s overall food production.

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