Virtual Hall of Honor Ceremony Celebrates Five Cryptologic Heroes

A non-traditional ceremony marked the creative way NSA hosted this year’s annual celebration, which honored five pioneers in the field of American cryptology

Former NSA Deputy Director Barbara McNamara, Dr. David Kahn, George Cotter, Dr. Whitfield Diffie, and Lester Myers were inducted into the NSA/CSS Cryptologic Hall of Honor via video communication on Tuesday, 15 December. Their contributions to American cryptology place them among the best and brightest to ever serve in the once silent world of making and breaking codes.

The portraits of the five honorees now hang alongside the 94 other members of the Cryptologic Hall of Honor, located on the first floor of NSA-Washington’s OPS2B building.“The standard for induction into the hall are high. Think about the hundreds of thousands of people who have worked at our Agency. Only 94 — and now soon to be 99 — are inducted into the Hall of Honor,” said GEN Paul M. Nakasone, Commander, U.S. Cyber Command, Director, NSA/Chief CSS. “The inductees are pioneers; giants of our professions. Their cryptologic achievements, whether inside or outside the Agency, helped contribute to America’s national safety, [and helped our] Nation through times of competition, crisis, and conflict.”

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