NGA Tearline: Project Wonsan - A Look Into Kim Jong Un's Approach to Construction

GEOINT analysis show construction spikes in May 2019 after an April 2019 visit from Kim Jong Un.

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The following report was created in collaboration by authors from Stimson/38 North: Peter Makowsky, Jenny Town, Michelle Kae and Samantha Pitz.

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Throughout his tenure, Kim Jong Un has shown a preference for being hands-on for high priority projects, whether overseeing multiple missile tests or guiding the course of major construction projects, to ensure his goals are accomplished. The development of the Wonsan-Kalma Coastal Tourism Area reflects this emerging pattern of Kim's leadership. 

Given the current political environment and ongoing pandemic, Kim's attention may not return to Wonsan in the near term. In fact, Voice of Korea recently reported that builders from the beach resort have been diverted to help with flood damage rehabilitation efforts in Phangyo County of the Kangwon Province, presumably slowing resort construction efforts even further for the time being.

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