Principles of Artificial Intelligence Ethics for the Intelligence Community

The Intelligence Community commits to the design, development, and use of AI with the following principles.



The Principles of Artificial Intelligence Ethics for the Intelligence Community are intended to guide personnel on whether and how to develop and use AI, to include machine learning, in furtherance of the IC’s mission.

To assist with the implementation of these Principles, the IC has also created an AI Ethics Framework to guide personnel who are determining whether and how to procure, design, build, use, protect, consume, and manage AI and other advanced analytics.

Respect the Law and Act with Integrity

We will employ AI in a manner that respects human dignity, rights, and freedoms. Our use of AI will fully comply with applicable legal authorities and with policies and procedures that protect privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties.

Transparent and Accountable

We will provide appropriate transparency to the public and our customers regarding our AI methods, applications, and uses within the bounds of security, technology, and releasability by law and policy, and consistent with the Principles of Intelligence Transparency for the IC. We will develop and employ mechanisms to identify responsibilities and provide accountability for the use of AI and its outcomes.

Objective and Equitable

Consistent with our commitment to providing objective intelligence, we will take affirmative steps to identify and mitigate bias.

Human-Centered Development and Use

We will develop and use AI to augment our national security and enhance our trusted partnerships by tempering technological guidance with the application of human judgment, especially when an action has the potential to deprive individuals of constitutional rights or interfere with their free exercise of civil liberties.

Secure and Resilient

We will develop and employ best practices for maximizing reliability, security, and accuracy of AI design, development, and use. We will employ security best practices to build resilience and minimize potential for adversarial influence.

Informed by Science and Technology

We will apply rigor in our development and use of AI by actively engaging both across the IC and with the broader scientific and technology communities to utilize advances in research and best practices from the public and private sector.

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These Principles supplement the Principles of Professional Ethics for the IC and do not modify or supersede applicable laws, executive orders, or policies. Instead, they articulate the general norms that IC elements should follow in applying those authorities and requirements.

Download a copy of the: AI Principles of Ethics for the IC
Download a copy of the: AI Ethics Framework for the IC