1975: Omego Ware

First Director of the OEEO at CIA

Omego Ware was a trailblazer—he often found that he was the first African American to hold each of his positions at the CIA. While he received recognition, promotions and leadership assignments due to his skills, Ware knew that the CIA’s culture was holding back other talented African Americans. In 1975, the Director of the CIA asked Ware to create an Office of Equal Employment Opportunity in the CIA. Ware recognized that Agency hiring and promotion practices were only a symptom of the broader issue: the CIA’s culture. He championed a diverse workforce that would reflect the United States and its many cultures. His OEEO was the catalyst for changing key Human Resources practices within the CIA and helped increase the presence of minorities and women across the Agency. In recognition of his efforts to shape the CIA’s workforce, the CIA awarded him one of the inaugural Trailblazer Awards in 1997.

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