IC Elements’ Procedures on Requests for U.S. Person Identities in Disseminated Intelligence Reports

April 29, 2020

Today, we are releasing individual Intelligence Community element’s procedures (or summary of such procedures) for implementing Intelligence Community Policy Guidance 107.1, “Requests for Identities of US Persons in Disseminated Intelligence Reports.” Such requests are commonly referred to as “unmasking.”

ICPG 107.1 directs each IC element to develop and maintain procedure to respond to requests for unmasking. After the elements developed their respective procedures, they began implementing their procedures in January 2019. These procedures are provided below.

Additionally, ICPG 107.1 requires the IC elements to annually report, to the Director of National Intelligence and to Congress, the number of unmasking requests each element received as well as the number of requests it approved or denied.

ICPG 107.1 also requires the DNI to publicly report the total number of unmasking request for the IC in the annual Statistical Transparency Report Regarding Use of National Security Authorities.

The unmasking request numbers for calendar year 2019 will be reported in the IC’s statistical transparency report for calendar year 2019, which will be published on April 30, 2020 at DNI.gov, as well as posted here.


IC Element ICPG 107.1 Procedures



NOTE: FBI ICPG 107.1 unmasking guidelines had been implemented at the time of this posting and became available for publication in April 2021, at which time they were added to the index above.