ODNI Releases Second Annual Statistical Transparency Report Regarding Use of National Security Authorities

In June 2013, President Obama directed the Intelligence Community to declassify and make public as much information as possible about certain sensitive U.S. government surveillance programs while protecting sensitive classified intelligence and national security information.

Since then, the Director of National Intelligence has declassified and authorized the public release of thousands of pages of documents relating to the use of critical national security authorities. In addition to declassifying and publicly releasing these documents, the DNI and the Intelligence Community have published several reports regarding these authorities, including a first-of-its-kind report on June 26, 2014, presenting statistics on how often the government used certain authorities during calendar year 2013.

Today, and consistent with the Intelligence Community’s Principles of Intelligence Transparency, we are releasing our second annual report presenting statistics on how often the government uses these important authorities. Accordingly, the DNI has declassified and directed the release of the following information covering calendar year 2014.

This information will be available at the website of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence; and ODNI’s public website dedicated to fostering greater public visibility into the intelligence activities of the government, icontherecord.tumblr.com.

View the Calendar Year 2014 Transparency Report