ODNI Releases 2016 Signals Intelligence Reform Progress Report

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence released today the 2016 Progress Report on Changes to Signals Intelligence Activities. The report acknowledges the second anniversary of Presidential Policy Directive 28 on Signals Intelligence Activities.

The 2015 report detailed the significant progress the U.S. government made in strengthening privacy and civil liberty protections, increasing transparency, and setting new limits on signals intelligence collection and use. That work has continued over the past year, and the ODNI is now reporting on the IC’s continued progress in implementing the requirements of PPD-28 as well as other transparency efforts discussed in the previous report.

The IC has continued to strengthen privacy protections of personal information, to enhance and institutionalize transparency, to declassify and release more information to the general public, to encourage dialogue with the American people and our foreign partners on our collection activities and transparency efforts, and to work with Congress to secure the passage of the USA FREEDOM Act. The impact and results of these efforts are described in the 2016 report.

Read the 2016 Signals Intelligence Reform Progress Report: