Infrastructure and Logistics

If you specialize in designing and maintaining facilities and infrastructure, the Intelligence Community offers a wealth of opportunity. You work on a team that performs facilities designs and technical service in support of the intelligence mission. Designing physical facilities, preparing engineering calculations and drawings, analyzing HVAC, air distribution and piping systems – these are just some of the opportunities available in the Intelligence Community. Start or continue a career where the facilities are specialized to meet a critical mission. Apply for a position in the Intelligence Community.


  • Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering (e.g., Aerospace, Civil, Mechanical, Systems) or Physical Sciences
  • Environmental Health or Industrial Hygiene
  • Facilities or Facilities Management
  • Operations or Logistics
  • Prepress Technical Apprentice

Example Positions

  • Supply Management Specialist
    Performs research, makes recommendations to customers, and processes requisitions for supplies, services, and equipment.
  • Facilities Operations Specialist
    Reviews service orders for facilities projects such as repairs, renovations, and new builds. Maintains databases concerning work requests, project accomplishment, and contract tracking.
  • Facilities Manager
    Manages installation, operation, maintenance and repair of mechanical systems, including electrical, HVAC, and building plumbing systems, plus general facility components, such as roofs, roads, or sidewalks.
  • Facilities Services Officer
    Responsible for the operation, maintenance, repair, modification, design, construction, and inspection of government facilities. Oversees work related to physical infrastructure, utilities, roadways, and surrounding grounds as performed by a variety of employees or contractors.
  • Facilities Engineer
    Responsible for the specific requirements for money, manpower, material, facilities and services needed to manage programs, and correlating those requirements with program plans to assure that the needed support is provided at the right time and place.
  • Logistics Management Specialist
    Provides assistance on logistical matters, including supply, property management, warehousing, storage, trave,l and transportation. Assists with monitoring materials, service contracts, and contractor performance.
  • Logistics Officer
    Analyzes and coordinates logistical functions for agency facilities, equipment sites, and globally-deployed resources. Oversees a wide range of logistics services to include assessing situations, interpreting policies, and developing and implementing solution sets. Serves as a technical consultant to partners in areas related to logistics functions. Plans, organizes, and executes supply chain management, contracts, cost analysis, asset management, fleet management and transportation-related activities.
  • Logistics Supply Specialist
    Receives and examines orders for accuracy (item, quantity, damage) and creates receiving reports (copies for warehouse and finance). Warehouses and issues materials, recycles materials, processes excess items, provides storage for customer equipment and material.
  • Environmental Protection Specialist
    Promotes a pollution-free, sustainable environment by ensuring agency compliance with environmental regulations, laws, and relevant best practices. Manages and implements programs regarding air pollution, wastewater, hazardous waste, community right-to-know, environmental impact, and sustainability.
  • Installation Management Program Officer
    Manages programs, coordinates facility operations, and provides customer support. Manages construction, design, operations, and maintenance contracts. Performs space planning and technical studies and analysis.


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