Communications and Public Affairs

Clear and compelling communication products are your specialty. Working in words or images, online or print, you know how to articulate ideas and craft communication products that tell a story. Whether your specialty is visual communication, writing, editing or web development, you have the opportunity to facilitate internal or external communication to achieve its intended effects. Become a part of a team that is in charge of communicating vital information to multiple audiences. Join the Intelligence Community as a communications expert.


  • Communications, Public Affairs, Journalism or Marketing
  • Digital Image Technician Apprentice
  • History, Government or Political Science
  • Publishing
  • Support Services
  • Theater/Arts/Art Design
  • Video Production

Example Positions

  • Communications Operations Specialist
    Plans and executes official programs for VIPs. Identifies information needs of visitors and identifies who in the agency should engage in outreach. Serves as liaison for protocol matters.
  • Public Affairs Specialist/Public Affairs Officer
    Informs and educates the public about the missions, organization, capabilities, needs, activities and performance of the Intelligence Community as instruments of national defense policy and security. Develops and executes integrated communication plans and media and community relations programs; produces and reviews content to be disseminated to the public. Creates content for the agency’s public website, newsletters, magazines, and other publications.
  • Editor/Technical Editor
    Reviews, edits, and produces documents in accordance with language, style, publication, format, presentation, classification, and sourcing standards. Corrects documents and provides guidance to ensure accuracy, completeness, clarity, etc. Editors also write reports, briefings, articles, and procedures.
  • Visual Information Specialist/Graphic Designer
    Designs and/or creates artwork or graphics for print, electronic products, exhibits or displays, including publications, brochures, and web pages. Applies design principles to create or enhance visual materials and to visually communicate concepts or ideas. Develops multimedia products, integrating text, computer graphics, conventional art, photographs or other media.
  • Publications Officer
    Develops strategic plans for, formulates policies on, advises on, directs, and oversees work involved in the editorial review, formatting, layout, and publishing of daily and periodic intelligence publications.
  • Legislative Liaison Officer
    Interacts daily with various Intelligence Community elements, to include overseeing coordination efforts among the legislative affairs offices of the IC and the broader U.S. government interagency community.


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