Law and Legal Services

The Intelligence Community operates in an extremely complex arena that is governed by international and domestic laws, rules, regulations and standards. As a law and legal service professional, you will advise leadership and mission professionals on legal issues associated with intelligence operations. You will use your knowledge of the law and applicable standards, rules and regulations to advise IC leadership and guide policymakers on the legal issues facing the IC today and in the future. Bring your legal training and skills to the Intelligence Community for a career in the law like no other.


  • Bar Membership
  • Criminology or Criminal Justice
  • Law or Legal Support
  • Paralegal Certification

Example Positions

  • Attorney
    Protects government interests by advising government clients, advocating on behalf of government clients and educating government clients concerning legal and regulatory authorities, requirements, entitlements, obligations and oversight requirements. Ascertains facts, analyzes issues, applies legal authorities, renders opinions, and advocates agency positions.
  • Law Clerk
    Performs research and writing involving legal questions or factual situations where well-established or easily determinable facts and clearly applicable precedents are involved.
  • Paralegal Specialist
    Applies legal knowledge and expertise to analyze and evaluate the legal impact of legislative developments and administrative and judicial decisions, opinions, and determinations. Conducts legal research, prepares for and attends hearings, interviews witnesses, manages evidence and drafts legal documents.
  • Legal Technician
    Develops products that may include graphs, tables, spreadsheets, and text. Applies good research and communication skills to clearly convey data and concepts.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Investigator
    Plans, conducts, and reports on independent reviews of the government's compliance with EEO rules and regulations. Gathers data pertinent to formal allegations of discrimination, conducts statistical analyses, interviews key witnesses, and writes reports of investigations.
  • Auditor
    Conducts the systematic examination and appraisal of financial records, reports, management controls, policies, and practices affecting or reflecting the financial condition and operating results of the organization.


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