Inspection, Investigation, and Compliance

As an inspection, investigation and compliance professional, you will support national security by ensuring proper adherence to all appropriate standards, rules and regulations. Inspection professionals examine a wide variety of facilities, equipment and procedures to ensure compliance to standards and make recommendations for improvement. Investigation professionals conduct detailed investigations to ensure adherence to standards, rules and regulations, ranging from employment suitability to performing independent reviews of personnel-related incidents. Compliance professionals review numerous processes and procedures to ensure that all efforts adhere to the appropriate standards, rules and regulations. Bring your strong sense for rules and regulations to the Intelligence Community to keep national operations running by the book.


  • Criminology or Criminal Justice
  • Law or Legal Support
  • Physical Security

Example Positions

  • Quality Assurance Specialist
    Ensures that the quality and reliability of products or services produced are acceptable. Identifies potential problem areas, inherent defects in products, and defects in the technical data provided by contractors.
  • Investigator
    Conducts criminal or counterintelligence investigations. Conducts inquiries within the organization and/or the greater Intelligence Community into possible violations of laws, rules, and regulations; mismanagement; gross waste of funds; abuse of authority; or danger to public health and safety.
  • Insider Threat Detection Analyst
    Assists senior-level analyst with collecting, reviewing, interpreting, correlating, and analyzing employee-related data to identify behavior potentially indicative of an insider threat.
  • Administrative Investigator
    Conducts investigations and inquiries and prepares reports. Functions as the liaison with the Defense Criminal Investigative Service and other federal investigative agencies. Conducts fraud awareness and prevention briefings.
  • Inspector
    Performs inspections, evaluations and reviews of agency policy, programs, and operations. Inspectors gather and analyze information, identify areas for improvement, draft findings and recommendations, and prepare reports.
  • Financial Auditor
    Conducts the systematic examination and appraisal of financial records, reports, management controls, policies and practices to make an independent assessments of, and reasonable assurance about, whether an entity's reported financial conditions, results, and use of resources are presented fairly in accordance with recognized criteria. Gathers and analyzes information, drafts findings and recommendations, and prepares reports in according with written guidance and auditing standards.
  • Auditor
    Conducts independent audits and reviews of agency programs and operations in accordance with government auditing standards, designed to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and standards, and to improve efficiency and effectiveness. This includes audits of program performance, financial statements, information technology, and cybersecurity areas.
  • Compliance Officer
    Develops and implements comprehensive mission compliance solutions to keep the government's activities consistent with the laws, policies, and procedures designed to protect privacy during mission operations.
  • Inspector General (IG) Investigator
    Plans, conducts, and reports on investigations into alleged fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement. Researches applicable legal authorities, collects relevant official documents and other physical evidence, interviews witnesses, and produces reports summarizing investigation findings and conclusions.


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